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Iron Removal Plant, Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Central Water Treatment Plant Bangladesh

The iron removal plant is the most effective solution in Bangladesh’s industrial water purifier sector, and it is widely used for industrial and domestic purposes. Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants and Iron Removal Plants are meticulously tailored and set to meet the precise needs of the output water, which range from conventional drinking water to specific applications such as food processing plants. Manganese Zeolite Zeomangan Birm Media Graded Sand FRP VesselOur Iron Removal Plant design incorporates TIRM Media Anthracite Granular Activated Carbon SS Centrifugal Pump and imported Food Graded uPVC Pipe and Fittings.

Our iron removal plant is used in waterworks, enterprises, and private houses to treat groundwater and surface water to reduce iron, manganese, and ammonium.

De-chlorination of water, reuse of process water, filtering of saltwater, percolate filtration, and ultimate filtration of industrial or municipal effluent are all done with pressure filter systems.just a few examples of how pressure filter systems can be used.

Our specially constructed Iron Removal Plant can remove up to 35 ppm of metals and chemical pollutants (IRP). Our IRPs are equipped with highly adsorptive filters that capture even the tiniest traces of iron in water, resulting in clean, healthy water. Filter media, chemicals, and FRP vessels that we utilize are all cost-effective and long-lasting.

We provide a comprehensive line of iron removal plants to our clients, commonly used to remove excess iron content from the water. All of our plant designs are tailored so that we may swiftly and effectively satisfy the needs of our clients. The iron removal plant we provide is made from high-quality raw materials. We provide iron removal plants for flats, apartments, and residential establishments. Industrial iron removal, FRP iron removal, and MS iron removal are among the units we provide.

Our specially constructed iron removal facility can remove metals and chemical contaminants.

We create the most excellent adsorptive filters to capture even the tiniest trace of iron in your water, resulting in clean, wholesome water.


Our Iron Removal Plant Suitable for Area :

  • Industries
  • Pharmaceutical needs
  • Municipality water supply
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Educational Institutions
  • Residential Establishments like Flats, Apartments, and Homes


The following are the various physical-chemical techniques for iron removal plants based on water pH, iron content, hardness, and other factors.

  • Aeration
  • Compressed air forces aeration.
  • pH adjustment and chemical dosing for coagulation
  • Oxidation in the contact bed


We built and suggested an iron removal scheme with a flow capacity of 0.50 to as required cu.m/hr based on raw intake water quality and site circumstances to generate iron-free potable water that meets IS and WHO requirements. The many elements of our iron removal system are listed below.

Air Compressor Chemical Dosing System with Mixer Spray Aerator and Cascade Aerator Oxidation Chamber Pressure/Gravity Filtration

FRP vessel built following IS/NDF specifications

water distribution system with a uniform inflow and a bottom collection system.

Technically appropriate configurations of graded media

The piping was laid out so that it would be simple to operate and maintain.

BSTI and WHO standards are met using treated water.


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The system is connected to the main water supply. When raw water enters your iron filter, it is oxidized as it travels through the filter material. This causes the minerals to precipitate, trapping any iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulfide in your water supply, resulting in a clean, filtered water supply for your home. The filter medium is automatically renewed regularly, backwashing trapped minerals down the drain and restoring oxygen. Potassium permanganate is added to the medium to accomplish this. The potassium permanganate jar is included with the system. It eliminates the following toxins with correct installation, resulting in better water. (amount of material removed per cubic foot) • Ferric (oxidized) and ferrous (clear) iron in the 15 ppm range Hydrogen sulfide (5 ppm) (rotten egg stench) • Manganese (ten parts per million)

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