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  • Marketing support: We offer marketing support and web design services to our distributors. If you don’t have a website and want to have more online presence, being a Todocristal distributor gives you the opportunity of increasing your company online opportunities.
  • Specialized training: We offer our distributors a specialized training on glazing systems so they will become experts in manufacturing and installing. Our distributors are welcome to visit us in our facilities any time.
  • Reduced Pricing: Once the Preferred Distributor’s annual usage of a given bronze component is calculated, they are provided with a custom pricing structure. As a result, the Distributor is able to buy cast bronze bushings, oil impregnated bushings, and graphite plugged components at a lower cost than they would without the program.
  • Increase in Sales: As the Distributor takes advantage of their reduced component costs, they are able to become more competitive in their market. Naturally, this should yield an increase in sales for their company.
  • Shorter Lead Times: By manufacturing and maintaining an inventory of standard sized components in advance, we are able to send them out as soon as the Distributor needs them. With Vendor Managed Inventory, Preferred Distributors no longer need to wait for their parts to be manufactured for every order, greatly reducing turnaround time.

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