Choosing a Water Purifier

When it comes to being in the wilderness, it pays to be prepared for any situation that you may face. One common consideration that is undertaken by many survivalists and campers alike is a water purification system. There are many different methods of water purification systems available, and in this article, we’ll touch on a few of the types of purifiers available.

When it comes to choosing a way to get clean drinking water, you have to realize that there are actually two different types of cleaners – filters, and purifiers. Filters are defined by the FDA as being able to remove 99.99 percent of all contaminants. Purifiers on the other hand offer a more complete solution to clean water, with a full 99.99999 percent of all contaminants removed. To that end, a purifier is recommended for anyone who is putting hard-earned dollars down to ensure that they are drinking the healthiest of water.

One method of purifying water that is gaining much recognition as of late is Ultraviolet purification. The UV purification system employs the use of light rays to alter bacteria and viruses DNA so that they are unable to reproduce. In that way, UV lights provide a portable solution to getting clean drinking water when you need it the most. While UV purification is useful in removing viruses and bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants are not removed through the process. To that end, you should only use a UV purifier in situations where you need to get healthy water fast. Other purification methods employ the use of reverse osmosis which provides a much more thorough removal of harmful entities. It is a process that removes most all contaminants from water, and it is consequently recommended when it comes to a more complete purification solution. Many people choose to use a combination of the two – a product that performs reverse osmosis, removing much of the harmful metals and contaminants in the water, then using a UV purifier to kill any remaining bacteria.

When it comes to purchasing a purifier, you need to use discretion. It’s hard to determine exactly how pure the water gets by the human eye, and you should only shop at the most reputable of water purifier dealers. Be sure to check up on any product that you are considering before committing to a purchase.

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